The Principal Message

Prof.(Dr.) Amit.K.Parikh  Principal, Mehsana Urban Institute of Sciences
I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Mehsana Urban Institute of Sciences (MUIS)! I am delighted you have taken the opportunity to visit our institute web site.
Each day, staff, and students of MUIS work together to create a supportive, cooperative, and positive environment that establishes a safe and caring place for teaching and learning. At MUIS we encourage students to be responsible for their learning and behavior and we teach that excellence only comes through hard work and determination.
Our intention and hope is that our work and focus will enable students to develop the skills, attitudes, knowledge, and values that will allow them to participate and contribute positively in an ever-changing world. 
We are also very fortunate to be able to continue offering a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for our students. Our Student Council will continue to plan, organize and run special events and activities for our entire institute community.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our students, staff and supportive parent community for working so hard to make MUIS a great place to work and learn. I encourage the parents to keep in touch with your child's teachers and to contact me if you have concerns or questions. 
The management of Ganpat University is very supportive that has enabled our institute to create a collaborative, supportive learning environment in which students, staff, alumni and industries/businesses can share knowledge and ideas. Management has been very supportive from creating world class classroom to laboratory infrastructure since the inception of MUIS.
By working together we will ensure that MUIS is a safe, positive and productive learning environment for all of our students. Please visit us at the campus or here on our website. We're happy to have you with us!
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