The Course is offered by Ganpat University (Approved by Government of Gujarat and  UGC, New Delhi). The course is composed of  a mix of courses B.Sc + M.Sc(Dual Degree) including dissertation work in fourth semester of M.Sc.. The course curriculum covers different  functional areas of biological sciences such as Introduction to biotechnology and cell biology, Introduction to microbiology, Microbial genetics,Fermentation technology, Plant and amimal biotechnology,

                This Five year's Dual Degree programme is divided in to 06(B.Sc.)+04(M.Sc.) semesters, out of which 1 to 6 semesters cover the curriculum for degree of bachelor of science.and 04 semesters cover curriculum for degree of Master of Science. The last semester is reserved for dissertation work, After competion of 06 semester the student can exit from the programme and in this case he or she will be eligible for the degree of bachelor of science. if student continue his/her study up to 5 year than he/she will be eligible for the degree of Master of Science. In the last semester the student has to work on specific research area and submit the dissertation thesis.The elective courses are offered in differant semesters to enable each student to build and personalize his or her own curriculum. The students will enjoy the specialization in Biotechnology and Microbiology with more focused study in their specialized field.

                 The Traning and Placement cell of the University assists the future  Biotechnologist in finding the suitable companies for their assignments. The  dissertation included in fourth semester provides practical learning opportunities for application in current research areas  of biological science.

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