‘PHYSICS means Physical Sciences’ is a branch of science to understand the physical world around us. Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science. 

Physics encompasses the study of the largest things like; universe, galaxies, solar systems, large machines, engines etc. to the smallest subatomic particles like; electrons, nucleus, photons etc. Moreover, it is the basis of many other sciences, including chemistry, oceanography, seismology, and astronomy (and can be applied to biology or medical science). All are easily accessible with a bachelor’s degree in physics.

Physics challenges our imaginations with concepts like relativity and string theory, and it leads to great discoveries, like computers and lasers, that lead to technologies which change our lives—from healing joints, to curing cancer, to develping sustainable energy solutions.  Check real physicist stories in the box to the right.


 Physicists are problem solvers. Their analytical skills make physicists versatile and adaptable so they work in interesting places. You can find physicists in industrial and government labs, on college campuses, in the astronaut corps, and consulting on TV shows. Physics doctorates may get jobs as a scientist at scientific research organizations like, NASA, ISRO, PRL, IPR, BARC, IUC, IUAC, RRCAT, etc. Other interesting areas where physics graduates may work are, instrumentation, R & D divisions of companies, Teaching fields, DRDO, Army (Arm trainer), Navy, Air force, electronic industries, ceramic technologies etc. 

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