Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  • Every student must carry his/her identity card which should be produced when demanded.

  • It is mandatory for the students to attend the classes, sessions, prayers, co-curricular activities etc. on all working days from starting to end of the terms/semester/trimester. Absence due to illness or unavoidable circumstances shall be considered only if application is supported with a medical certificate in case of illness and/ or leave application form from the parent is submitted to the head of the Institute.

  • Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner and abstain from chatting among themselves while the class is in progress.

  • Students are expected to be polite individually or in groups and show respect to the faculty /staff of the institute and university.

  • Any indiscipline or misbehavior in class or on campus or in bus or even at the outside the campus would warrant disciplinary action against the student.

  • Any action of any individual, group or a wing, which amounts to interference in the regular administration of the institute, is prohibited. Disciplinary actions will be initiated against such student(s);

  • Causing disfigurement or damage to the property of an institute by students is prohibited.

  • No student shall indulge in any activity that might be illegal or may lead to disorderliness.

  • No student shall be in possession of liquor, drugs or any intoxicating materials, nor would consume such things.

  • Smoking / Chewing pan or tobacco or gutka is strictly prohibited.

  • Indecent behavior in any form will not be tolerated.

  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in classrooms, corridors, or inside the blocks.

  • Activities like video shooting, photography, playing musical instruments and listening to radio, tape recorder, etc. are prohibited on the Campus except with the permission of the Head of the Institution.

  • The students are expected to be in the classrooms/ laboratory or any place of study on time prior to the commencement of the study.

  • Use of helmets is compulsory for everyone who rides a two wheeler to and from the campus

  • Students should follow a decent dress code when they come to the University.

  • Any kind of ragging in the class, campus or in the bus or even outside the campus is strictly prohibited.

  • Disobeying any instructions of any kind issued by the Head of the Department or Head of the Institution will be considered as indiscipline on the part of the student.

  • The items which are not covered above and which the Principal of the Institution considers as in-disciplinary action, will be dealt with under these rules.

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